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September 30 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 09:51 ]
And from depth of a dark court yard someone has shouted: - Here it is cunning so cunning! The crowd has started giggling, was whispered, and when these words have come to last lines of listeners, the laughter, exclamations, cottons, by a wave back in a hall there was again distributed: - He has told Anybody! He has told. Gee whizz: Anybody, Anybody! He has waited, while they will calm down.
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Posted by maturegranny  [ 06:30 ]
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Lay down again to sleep and cease so ", - they have told, have gone home also have laid down to sleep. The wanderer has ennobled a voice. He swung hands, playing before them all stage in faces. The laughter was distributed, in a twilight of distant lines someone has loudly slapped itself on a knee, and those who sat in , to a wall or have cast away on a back of a chair and have laughed too, but more , have then lifted cups and have cut, tsar has smiled, the smile has slipped on the face of tsarina Arety.
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Posted by maturegranny  [ 04:48 ]
By itself, all the giants lived on Island One-eyed, have woken up, have run together to a cave and began to ask, that happens. " That with you, ? - they shouted, and their voices were similar to a landslide. - can, any mortal has played with you a malicious joke or someone has stolen your goats and sheeps? " And the silly villain answered: " This someone - Anybody, wished to kill me Anybody. It Anybody has played with me a malicious joke, it Anybody has deceived me "." That for a nonsense you carry, - they have told, - you, should be, the bad dream has simply dreamed, and you have deafened us by the shout "." Yes I speak, it Anybody! - he roared. - to me in a cave Anybody has made the way "." Well will suffice, - they have told.
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September 29 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 11:03 ]
And when the end has occupied, have lifted - have lifted four together, I ordered. Also have stuck him into an eye of a Cyclops, and then have some times turned in him. The eye has hissed, has begun to foam tears, has begun to smell meat, sparks of blood have turned in pairs. Well I remember - at him eyebrowes have flashed. And we have jumped aside aside and were hid on corners. He has again made a pause, has taken new start. - Represent, as the giant roared, calling to the aid, - the Wanderer continued.
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September 28 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 08:42 ]
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And by the evening when has come back home, all was ready. We have pointed one end of a cudgel - all over again have burnt him, have then ground knifes and swords - and have put by in a corner. And have then cast lots - who will assist me. Has dragged a block closed an entrance, has let in a cave of sheeps and goats, has then put in pawn an entrance from within. We have got off in in our corner, but he has not said words, yet has not milked dry the goats and has not arranged them in a shelter. Has then muttered something, and I have understood, that he demands, that two from us have approached; Have suited more close.
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September 24 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 10:39 ]
People any food, and inside, at an entrance was visible not, but a lot of, the huge stone laid. The wanderer has drunk some wine and has reflected, but has not allowed silence to be delayed so that they had time to start to ask. - In a cave was a precipice of any meal, her infinite stocks. In big baskets cheese and bread, and in shelters kids and lambs. My satellites suggested to take everything, that was in a cave, and to be removed on the ship.
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Posted by maturegranny  [ 08:42 ]
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On other side of a bay the Island One-eyed laid, the roar and a crash, and when they cooked to themselves therefrom was distributed food or were warmed at the center, from their caves brought down a dense smoke, and such bright fire in the evening has flared, that the sky became absolutely light. For other day I was forwarded there by the ship, and other vessels have remained to wait near Small. I wished to examine better Island One-eyed and to find out, that for people there lives.
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September 23 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 11:54 ]
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Trusted not so to escape and hide or steer clear of the person who has drawn upon such terrible anger of gods, demigods and giants, but them a shiver, they pushed each other sideways, and those who stood far in a dark court yard, looked around on the sides. It was difficult to them to follow all turns of his wandering. Too in the different sides his roads ran up. In their ears names of islands which, actually, even were not names sounded, and simply meant, that island small, that it , mountainous island, One of islands Sporadskih in Aegean sea, or, on the contrary, big - or , he spoke, that it is Island of Three capes, or Triangular island, - they are free to choose.
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September 21 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 13:57 ]
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His wandering was too long, he too much has gone through burning, pleasures and sufferings - to be professed in them he did not wish, and to listeners they much less important, rather than their own sorrows, likely, would seem. That is why he should change them - not in the main thing, and in detail. From happened he should attribute much to will of gods, give to incidents an aura of divinity that people to him have believed. He felt the superiority over them - it kept that on his share improbable adventures have dropped blurt out, that about him songs and he more already composed others unknown.
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September 20 2010
Posted by maturegranny  [ 12:51 ]
the scented face with a smile has come nearer closely to his face, he has glanced in her brilliant, but absolutely lifeless eyes. - I hope, that no war because of all this will exist, my boy. ! Only not war! Promise me. Worse wars are not present anything on light. Also remain with us even for. He has caught metal in her voice. And though she spoke silently, is friendly-playful tone, appear, she howls from fury and melancholy. - Well, - he has told, again having blushed all over.
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